5 Ways To Improve Your Conversational Skills In Spanish

After English was imposed as the first world language, Spanish has emerged as the second world language, as a second option for those who have difficulties in learning English and so it is more and more common for people to look for Rocket Spanish. The Spaniard has become a compulsory subject in schools, giving opportunities to students to get knowledge of a foreign language. Although Spanish is an easy language to learn, people wrap themselves in pronunciation, so we have provided some tips to improve your pronunciation and so it can be one of the best ways to learn conversational Spanish.

1) The “c” before an “i” or an “e” is pronounced “s”.

2) It is important to have knowledge about the verbs.

3) Pay attention to the verbal tense perfecto time, as it deems situations that happened in the past and are still going on.

4) Also there are homophones, which generate some confusion, since they seem to be a word but is totally opposite meaning.

5) And finally should carefully review the use of “false friend”.

Speak Spanish – there are learning Spanish software out there that can help you a lot.

¿Hablasespañol? Do you speak Spanish? Although the canaries speak Spanish, your accent is more like that of Latin America – such as Cuba, Venezuela and Puerto Rico – than to continental Spain. This affinity with South America is not limited to the accent, but also the vocabulary – a living testimony of ancient migrations between the Canaries and the Latin American countries which means just knowing a language similar to Spanish, such as Portuguese is not enough – what you need is Rocket Spanish because it is the best way to learn conversational Spanish. See more tips here!

In general, the canaries do not pronounce the “s”  in the final part of words, and the sound “z” is not pronounced sibilant way in Spain, but as an “s”. Canaries also tend to shorten words – and sometimes they even join the various words of a sentence, which greatly complicates the understanding of visitors. Such differences you can only learn when you really study with the best ways to learn conversational Spanish which is Rocket Spanish.

How to do it then?

Although Guanche, the indigenous language, is now extinct, some of his words survive – especially in place names. Often these begin with the syllable “water”, pronounced “-water”. It’s easier to hear local slang in rural areas than in towns or cities. However, visitors should avoid using it and express themselves always in the continental Spanish, clearly implying that may have difficulty in understanding the more unusual terms. If your Spanish is not fluent, most canaries have basic knowledge of English and other western European languages, including French, German, Italian and Portuguese. That is why knowing a similar language will not do you so good if you really do not have Rocket Spanish.

If you move outside of the big resorts and urban areas, it may be helpful to bring along a small dictionary or conversation guide. You can also use the Internet to learn a little Spanish. There are lots of websites with essential vocabulary, and several translation tools, which means a learning Spanish software could be very helpful too.

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