Rocket Spanish: Our No Nonsense Review

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You’ve obviously arrived at this page for an honest review of Rocket Spanish. If this is not so, then feel free to leave, otherwise stick around for the full story. This is what we’re going to cover…
First off, we’ll be looking at what’s needed in the ideal Spanish course and then we’ll see how well Rocket Spanish measures up. Next I’ll present you with some honest comments from people who have tried Rocket Spanish about their success in learning the language.

Why Rocket Spanish?

According to the creators, more and more people are choosing Rocket Spanish because it offers all the features of other programs and they’ve made it possible for you to learn to speak Spanish for hundreds of dollars LESS. They claim 97% customer satisfaction.

Let’s see how well the facts stack up…

How to learn Spanish – What should I be looking for?
There are many Spanish courses on the market ranging in price from free to …. well you name it! Before rushing into anything, there are several things you need to consider:

Will it suit my learning style?

Some of us learn better by seeing, others by listening or doing, so for example, courses based solely on listening to audio are unlikely to suit everyone. Reinforcement is an important part of learning any language, so besides over 12 hours of audio and language lessons, it’s good to find that Rocket Spanish includes plenty of games and interactive quizzes.

What is my situation and why do I want to learn Spanish?

If you are living in a Spanish speaking country then you are at a big advantage as you will get lots of opportunities to practice what you learn. If not, things can be much more difficult. Rocket Spanish enables you to enrich your Spanish learning by giving you access to the ‘Community’, which has sections on Grammar, Travel and General Questions. You could post tips on useful resources you have found, ask questions and make new friends at the same time.

Rocket Spanish also has culture lessons, which should go hand in hand with learning any language (but sadly in many courses are often overlooked).

Audio lessons are iPod/MP3 compatible, so you can download and listen anywhere. The software can also be downloaded.

Learn Spanish

Is it right for my needs?

Some courses only teach you the polite forms of verbs. In this day and age that’s not really very helpful. Rocket Spanish Premium concentrates on practical topics and modern, everyday Spanish, so it is ideal for travel to a Spanish speaking country or if you have a Spanish speaking partner. It would certainly be useful if your job takes you to Spain or South America, but you will need to get a good Spanish dictionary for those words which are specific to your industry.