Spanish School Classes

Rocket Spanish Premium is an online new language learner’s program that focuses on instructing the learner how to speak in informal Spanish. You have several reasons for wanting to use the language—formal Spanish courses that don’t give you anything but you still need to finish for you to graduate, a Spanish love interest, a business visit to a Spanish-speaking country, or pure love of the Spanish language alone. Whatever your reasons are, Rocket Spanish Premium can let you talk in Spanish in no time.

Company behind the Product

Rocket Languages is an innovator in coming up with online new language programs. It is the developer responsible for making Rocket Spanish Premium and a multitude of other courses that focus on Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and American Sign Language. Rocket Spanish was devised and made by a team of native speakers and enthusiasts led by Mauricio Evlampieff.

What You Get

Rocket Spanish is available in two formats: downloadable and a 20-set compact disc pack. Both formats are different in audile condition, with the uncompressed CD format having better audile condition, but they have identical contents. The first part of the course is 32 tracks of interactive media discussions designed to require you to participate in everyday Spanish interactions. These come together with print manuscripts to let you understand the audio files more quickly. You also receive 31 language and culture lessons incorporated with videos, audios, vocabulary exercises, and other activities to give you a better perception of how Spanish is used by Spanish speakers.this website has lot of spanish information.

The third course component is MegaSpanish, a collection of educational games, particularly MegaVocab, MegaAudio, and MegaVerbs, that keep learning fun and entertaining. The fourth is Rocket Spanish Rehearsal, where you get to test yourself using lots of intermedia self-tests. You will also be allowed to interact with the teachers of Rocket Spanish anytime you want and with other members of the digital Rocket Spanish Premium customers’ community.

Product Guarantee

Rocket Spanish is eligible for a complete refund, provided you request for your refund within the 60-day period set directly after the date of your purchase. If you find any reason to be unsatisfied with Rocket Spanish, you may contact Rocket Languages and request for a reimbursement.

What I Like About It

I like the fact that Rocket Spanish puts as much emphasis on the culture classes as on the language sessions. Learning a new language does not simply involve recognizing the words spoken and what they mean. It entails, more significantly, being able to understand how these words are used and when they are spoken in day-to-day, present-day Spanish contexts. I also like the two-way approach that the makers employ to teach informal Spanish to their learners. As early as the first session, you will have yourself giving a basic introduction of yourself in Spanish and, during Rocket Spanish, that is what you will be doing—talking in Spanish.

Spanish School Classes

What I Don’t Like

Rocket Spanish is not a program equal to anything you can get at a university. If that is what you aim for, you might not gain anything from this course, though you receive a Rocket Certificate equivalent to A1 or A1 levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. this product is all about conveniently learning how to use Spanish eloquently. If that is what you need, then this course is perfect for you. Check out Rocket Spanish yourself to realize how good it works. And if it doesn’t, you don’t have anything to lose with a full zero-risk money-back guarantee.